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Adalynn Lee

Living in the hectic and metropolis was not always easy, she began yoga as a therapy after experiencing depression in 2011. As her yoga practice deepened, she had regained confidence in herself. Empowered, she has reached a calmer state of mind and come away with a newfound force. adalynn's personal journey compelled her to share her love of yoga and the joy that comes with it with others. adalynn teaches vinyasa flow, hatha, core, inversions, sound healing with crystal bowls and tuning folks, restorative yoga, meditation and aerial yoga.

Qualification Highlights

Graduated from University of Toronto with Bachelor (hons) degree of Visual art & Music 

Master degree of Marketing & Event


200HR Upeksha Immersions & Teacher Training: Get into the Heart of Teaching with Lawrence Pradhan
Therapeutic Immersion with Ross Rayburn
Master Immersion with Carlos Pomeda


200HR Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher Training with Mas Vidal

88HR A mother's journey: Weekend immersion Prenatal and Postpartum Teacher Training with Bhakti Wong 

25HR Yoga for Children Teacher Training with

Karen Wightman


30HR Neuro-Informed Wellness & Breathwork (Pranayama) Training with Julia McCabe

Certificate in Basic Horticultural Therapy with The Hong Kong Association of Therapeutic Horticulture (HKATH)

Completed Fly Yoga Teacher Training

Completed "The Secret Of Mantra" with Carlos Pomeda

Tibetan singing bowl. Crystal singing bowl. Tuning fork therapy practitioner


Beatrice A.

Beatrice is from Romania. She started her modelling career at the age of 16 and began to travel around the world for modelling jobs. She studied communication and public relations in Romania and travelled around Asia for a couple of years; that’s when she fell in love with Hong Kong and decided to live here. She moved to Hong Kong at the age of 22, and at the same time started practicing yoga at her gym that is how she discovered her passion for the art of yoga. She was attracted to the benefits for her body and mind that yoga could offer, since then she has started to practise every day and decided to obtain her yoga teacher certificate. She teaches mainly vinyasa flow, but also restorative classes, focusing on the alignment so students can gain the best benefits from their practice.



200 hr yoga alliance registered yoga teacher from Samahita retreat in Koh Samui


Krystal Yeung

Krystal has started teaching Yoga since Year 2018,

her class emphasizes on cultivating awareness of the body, breath and mind. Through her past teaching experience, she truly believes different bodies require different approaches in order to practice effectively. She is also experienced in guiding beginner to build a solid foundation.

Join Krystal every Thursdays and Sundays!


Completed 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training - Santosha Yoga Institute 2017 

Completed Reiki Leve 1&2 -2018

Completed Ayurveda Diploma- Centre Of Excellence 2020 

Completed 15 Hrs Wheel Yoga Level 1 - Fit Lab / Omni Yoga Academy 2020

Completed 20 Hrs Yin Yoga: Functional Approach - Paul Grilley / Pranamaya 2021

Completed 16 Hrs Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy Level 1 - Meeting Point 2021

Completed 100 Hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Meridian and Functional Anatomy (Hip) - Nicky / Pure Yoga 2021


Katharine Yeung

To deal with her daily stresses, Katherine began her yoga journey. Katherine is certified with RYT200 in Ubud, Bali. She is a passionate and encouraging teacher. She guides students to enjoy breathing while focusing on the alignment of Asanas. Katherine emphasizes the state of “being present” in her class, as it would help students to strengthen the connection between their minds and bodies. She also believes that listening to our bodies’ needs is the key to grow and glow.

Join Katharine's classes every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays !


Elaine Lee

Elaine began her practice 2015 with Lawrence Pradhan, she witnessed a radical shift by practicing the Upeksha Method both physically & mentally. As the journey unfolds, she caught a glimpse into the light of freedom on & off the mat, recognized the essence of the practice is to invite balance in all forms.

Elaine is an E-RYT200 yoga instructor, certified TRX trainer, reiki and sound therapist. She has a strength-based physical practice and teaches asana with a therapeutic approach. Her classes are energetic, fun & dynamic. Her teaching style is very detail oriented, connecting the biomechanics principles of alignment while challenging students to unlock their potentials.

Ekāgratā, placing the awareness to one single point at a time helps her move through day to day life & quiets her anxiety. After experiencing the healing power of sound, Elaine was inspired to deepen the knowledge. She aspires to make positive impact to others by sharing her experience & passion.

Join Elaine's classes every Monday and Sunday

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Ding is passionate in search for good things in life and sharing it with others. Yoga has made a life impact on her and she would like to help others to realise the benefits of it. There is always so much to learn through teaching, and she feels a strong sense of responsibility to her students and Yoga practice as a whole.


Winnie Kwong

Winnie specializes in Meridian-based Yoga Therapy, Mindfulness and Guided Meditation.

With a background working as a luxury retail training professional for a decade, Winnie takes a practical holistic approach to wellness for beginners and seasoned yogis. "Don't use your body to get into the postures. Use the postures to arrive in your body." Practice with Winnie if you'd like to connect with your body-mind in a mindful way.

Join Winnie's classes every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays !

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Casey Chan

Casey is a yoga teacher and spiritual life coach. She primarily teaches Awakening Yoga, which is a unique practice designed for modern bodies in reverence to traditional yoga rituals, with a high emphasis on its exploratory nature.

At 21, Casey was troubled by challenging and persistent health issues. Through a series of synchronicities, she stumbled upon her first yoga class. After just one class, all her physical symptoms dissipated on their own. For the first time, she experienced unspeakable appreciation, joy and freedom. Through the experience, she felt the transformative effects of movements and of tuning inward. Every day since then, Casey devotes herself to her practice both on and off the mat, and she feels great joy sharing this practice with all who resonate with it.

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Elsa To

Being a swimmer for 15 years, Elsa expanded her interests from pool to mat in these 5 years. From a swimmer to a yogie, she realizes the importance of self-awareness and self-care after she started practicing yoga regularly. It’s not only physically (flexibility and strength) but also mentally. The benefit of yoga balances these at the same time. As we all live in a hectic city, sometimes we neglect ourselves because of busy work. She wishes to share her experience and journey to everyone on the mat.

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Gigi Lee

Gigi picked up yoga during her studies and it transformed from a physical aspect to shifting her focus internally. Yoga helped her find a sharpened focus and balance in life.

Gigi hopes to share the joy yoga brings which cultivates her passion to share the practice! She aspires to share with an open mind and hopes students feel nourished and balanced after stepping off the yoga mat and extending that into daily life.

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Certified Sekhem energy healer, Gong & Tibetan bowls sound healer, and yoga instructor. With a passion for guiding students on their spiritual journey, Mei cultivates self-love and healing through mindfulness practices. Her classes have successfully helped students reduce insomnia and depression through yoga and sound meditation. Experience the magic of Mei’s classes, from chakra balancing sound healing to purifying yin yoga, and discover relaxation and purification for your body, mind, and spirit.

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